Hiatus in e-Ageing Certificates

Due to staffing changes we are currently unable to process completion certificates.

We are using this opportunity to revisit fully automating the process of issuing certificates, and hope to be back issuing certificates soon!

Look what arrived today from Singapore!

It is so exciting to see this work.  You can download a copy at

Many thanks to our wonderful collaborators!

UWA students thank Bethanie staff and volunteers

A large number of Bethanie volunteers enjoyed a "thank you" morning tea served with help from grateful UWA students, who also shared some of their reflections on their time at Bethanie. A big thank you to Anne Bolton, Ash Osborne and the Bethanie staff (especially the tireless OT department) who have worked so hard to support student placements..............................08 Dec 2017



Excellent new delirium resources added

We have added links to two new online videos to the Resources (click here) page within the delirium module.

Many thanks to Dr Michelle Lai and her team at Fiona Stanley Hospital for sharing their locally developed (Commonwealth Department of Health funded) resource (click here). The target group is all WA hospital based health workers, including junior medical and allied health staff.

The second video is a brief video (click here) shared by the University of Dundee to support clinical skills in delirium assessment.

..................................................................23 May 2017




e-Ageing evaluation presented

We are delighted that Karen Sukadolnik (Medical Student) has had an opportunity to present an updated evaluation of the e-Ageing site at the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting 2016.  You can read an abstract of Karen's presentation at the journal website - scroll down to FP37.

Karen reviewed 1470 responses from at least 1100 unique users. Evaluation of the modules by users has been strongly positive. In qualitative feedback these online modules were perceived to encourage a multidisciplinary approach to aged care and were regarded as a valuable resource to update knowledge about aged care.

We look forward to using this evaluation in updating the e-Ageing site, which is being planned currently and will commence shortly.

Thank you to all users who have taken the time to provide feedback..............6 June 2016



Reminder about physical assessment pages

Some users report that they can't progress past the physical assessment pages.

The pages have been tested and appear to be working correctly.

Pressing the "I have finished the examination" button will not reveal the "continue" button until all of the physical examination signs have been displayed.

Thus if you are finding it difficult to progress at the conclusion of the examination, please double check that you have elicited ALL of the physical signs.

Please let us know of any issues.

Happy e-Ageing!

Kind regards from the e-Ageing team.....................................................24 Jul 2015

even more test answers added

The stroke and falls module test answers are now available on the modules' resources pages.  .................09 July 2015

More test answers added

The delirium module test answers are now available on the module's resources page.  .................31 May 2015

Bethanie's BTTNH Older Adult volunteers awarded

The older adult participants who volunteer as part of the Beyond the Teaching Nursing Home project were short listed following nomination for the WA Bethanie Medallion awards in the Volunteer Medallion - Organisation category. This award recognises any organisation in WA that has shown outstanding dedication towards others in the community, inspiring others to contribute to, and participate in the Aged Care sector.

The older adult volunteers won the Bethanie Volunteer Medallion - Organisation and also won the overall Bethanie Medallion!

This is a great acknowledgement of the commitment that the residents at Bethanie Joondanna have shown to nursing, medical, social work and podiatry students over the past two and a half years.

Congratulations to the Bethanie volunteers, and to Prof Rosemary Saunders!  The e-Ageing team are very proud of our association with the winning BTTNH project.................................16 October 2014



Falls in hospital - a doctor's guide to prevention and management

e-Ageing is delighted to promote the new WA Health video Falls in hospital - a doctor's guide to prevention and management.  The video is freely available on vimeo and we have included a link on the falls resources page................................16 October 2014



Dementia Module Test Answers

The e-Ageing team love receiving users' feedback!  Most users tell us that they are able to ascertain the correct post- test answers without too much trouble. Occasionally we hear from a user who has been driven crazy by the absence of module test answers.  We have now heard this twice about the dementia module test.  Answers are provided in the resources page!

Please keep your feedback coming.

Kind regards from the e-Ageing team................................24 September 2014

....more computer gremlins!

e-Ageing apologises for the problems in issuing of certificates that have recurred over the last few weeks. UWAs computer gurus advise that, further to our recent server upgrade and migration there was an application issue. Essentially, a low level security mechanism was preventing the mail application from sending us your feedback.

We are glad to report that all is fixed now, and are grateful for users' patience. If there are any concerns, please contact us:

WACHS users: [email protected]

All other users: [email protected]

Best wishes from the e-Ageing team................................27 February 2014



Bethanie profiled in September 2013 edition of 'Medicus'


e-Ageing fully functional again!

Many users will have noted that the e-Ageing site has been beset by some technical glitches in the last week or two leading to problems with delivery of learning records and appearance of the site.

The site has now been fully restored.

Delivery of certificates for modules completed over the last few weeks may be compromised.  If you have any concerns please contact us

WACHS users: [email protected]

All other users: [email protected]

it is great to see e-Ageing back on line.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.....................(23 August 2013)


Thanks for alerting us that some users have not received a certificate after completing individual e-Ageing modules. Instead certificates were being issued at completion of the entire 10 module program.  Users will now receive a certificate for each completed module.  Please contact us via wacha(at) if any queries or concerns.


10K unique visitor milestone passed!

The e-Ageing website has now had over TEN THOUSAND unique visitors, including visitors from Europe, North America and Asia!

Thank you for your support!


Bugs fixed!

Several users have let us know that some of the mid module quizzes were beset with technical issues.

With many thanks to Karina Welna at the Centre for Software Practice, we are glad to report that all quizzes now appear to be working well.

We'd like to thank users for their patience. Please continue to let us know if you experience any problems with the e-Ageing site.  


e-Ageing manuscript now available on line

the e-Ageing manuscript is now available on line ahead of print!



UWA's Beyond the Teaching Nursing Home Project

e-Ageing is excited to help promote Beyond the Teaching Nursing Home.  This collaborative project is led by Nursing within the UWA Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, with Bethanie Group Inc, the Central Institute of Technology and the West Coast Institute of Training. Visit their page to learn more.  



e-Ageing manuscript now in press


Further to presentation of the e-Ageing project orally and in abstract form (detailed below), the full manuscript describing the development and initial evaluation of the e-Ageing project is now 'in press':

Watson N, Massarotto A, Caputo L, Flicker L, Beer C. e-Ageing: development and evaluation of a flexible on-line geriatric medicine educational resource for diverse learners. Australasian Journal on Ageing 2012. In press accepted 6 May 2012.


We look forward to sharing these data with you soon.


e-Ageing approaching 5000 hits!

We are pleased to announce that our analytics data confirm the increasing popularity of the e-Ageing site.  We are now approaching 5000 hits!


More details to follow soon.

e-Ageing presented at ANZSGM Annual Scientific Meeting

Ms Natasha Watson presented the development and evaluation of the e-Ageing project at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the New Zealand Society for Geriatric Meeting in Auckland New Zealand on 4 May 2011.

The abstract is:

Watson N, Beer C, Massarotto A, Caputo L, Flicker L. e-Ageing: A geriatric medicine resource for generation Y. Australas J Ageing 2011; 30(Suppl 1): 27



......e-Ageing is HERE......

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RSVP: 9224 2993 or [email protected]


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