yet another ten years later...

Mrs Browning represents at the age of 95 because she is worried about her bowel habit.

History of Presenting Compliant

At 95 years old, Mrs Browning is still driving, swimming and practicing Tai Chi.  Mrs Browning’s eyesight is still quite good, having responded well to the cataract surgery 10 years ago and her mild osteoarthritis is responding well to simple analgesics.  She is still quilting, having recently completed a bedspread for her third great-grandchild and is teaching her five granddaughters the art of scrapbooking.  She had hearing aids fitted 4 years ago and is very happy with the result.  Mrs Browning loves spending time with her children and grandchildren and is still quite socially active.


She is otherwise well, but has noticed that her bowels have become sluggish. This has been slowly progressive over the last few years and she has bouts of quite severe constipation. She has been taking Metamucil, which helped initially, but does not seem to be working as effectively anymore. Mrs Browning is concerned that she may have bowel cancer.  She also confesses to moments of urinary incontinence.