Case Summary

Over the next few months, Mrs Cloverdale proceeded well. Her balance and muscle strength improved with the physiotherapy exercises and she is more confident in moving about. She has also commenced Tai Chi and has found that this has improved both her balance and physical and mental health in general.  Most importantly, Mrs Cloverdale feels more comfortable in leaving her home to visit neighbours, attend church, play bowls, attend appointments and accompany her children and/or grand-daughter to buy groceries. Her self-esteem has improved greatly and she is no longer feeling depressed.  She is very happy that she has been able to remain living in her own home.

Mrs Cloverdale wears a personal alarm just in case she has a fall and canít get to the phone to call for help. She says this helps her feel more confident that help will always be there if she needs it.

Mrs Cloverdaleís granddaughter has moved to the city to attend university and now lives on the top floor of her grandmotherís home. She keeps an eye on her gran and often helps her with cooking, washing, gardening and grocery shopping. Mrs Cloverdale enjoys the company and feels safer having someone in the house again.