1 month follow-up visit

Mr Scott returns to see you one month later, accompanied by his wife. He is feeling more rested and is happier and more confident than he has felt in a long time.  He occasionally has to get up once in the night to go to the toilet, but is not experiencing frequent nocturia. He says that if only his wife didnít get up so many times each night, heíd be sleeping like a baby!  He is no longer feeling depressed.


The NCA has reported consistently low PVR of less than <200ml.  He is still practising double voiding and hasnít had any major instances of incontinence since beginning medication.  He does report occasional dribbling, but is not so concerned about this as he still uses the pads recommended by the NCA, just in case. His increase in confidence and self esteem mean that he has resumed his regular social activities, including singing and playing golf.

As a long term management plan you recommend that Mr Scott continue to take prazosin 0.5mg bd Ė before food.

You are concerned about why Mrs Scott is getting up so frequently in the night, so you ask her to come back and see you so you can investigate this further.