Gait Assessment

The Timed Get Up and Go Test is commonly used to assist examination of gait and functional mobility in older people. In addition to the ability to rise from a chair, walk a short distance, turn and return to sit in the chair, you might also assess posture for possible kyphosis (curvature of upper spine), loss of lumbar lordosis (loss of curvature of the lumbar spine) and increased flexion at the shoulders and knees.  Gait velocity, gait character [stance width, arm swing, gait initiation, ataxia/lateral sway, foot clearance and step length, symmetry, continuity & height], path taken, use of aids and  ability to turn should also be noted.

Click below to see the reports for Mr and Mr Doherty's gait assessments.

Mrs Doherty’s gait and balance 

Mr Doherty’s gait and balance