About e-Ageing

Web based technologies present opportunities to enhance teaching and learning in aged care. We conducted interviews and undertook a survey to determine the perceptions of teachers and learners.

Learners seek online materials which are interactive, engaging, case-based, locally relevant and delivered in a seamless browsing experience.  New modules which are not only technologically advanced, but that have an inter-professional, case-based focus, are most likely to meet the needs of learners and teachers. The aim of the e-Ageing project is to provide foundational case based, multi-disciplinary online education modules in aged care. 

Further information is available in this presentation. A modified version of these slides was presented at the 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine:

Evaluation of the project is published in this manuscript.

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Many people have contributed to the e-Ageing project:


Project Steering Committee

Christopher Etherton-Beer (Project Lead)

Natasha Watson (Project Co-ordinantor)

Alicia Massarotto

Leon Flicker

Lisa Caputo

Project Developers

Karina Welna (Senior Web Designer, UWA Centre for Software Practice)

Jonathan Hallett (Graphics Design)

Darren Twomey (WAIMR Website Manager)

Anthony Suiter (Freelance Web Writer)


Funding Acknowledgements

University of Western Australia, Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences, Teaching and Learning Committee Grant. (Committee Homepage - requires PHEME password)

WA Country Health Service Aged Care

WA Health Aged Care Policy Directorate (Delirium Module)

WA Dementia Training Study Centre (Dementia Module)

Expert Reference Group, Reviewers and Contributors

Alan Bryant, Jade Cartwright, Jeanette Collins, Marnie Firipis, Andrew Ford, Noellene Foster, Anne-marie Hill, Stephen Ho, Barby Singer, Kathy Stack, Jenny Stevens, Nick Waldron, Helen Baker, Pascalle Bosboom-vanderHurk, Kylie Marsh, Rachel Lowry.



Presenters (Stroke Modules)

Bernadette van den Acker, Tim Bates, Susan Codd, Jeanette Collins, Bianca Guthrie, Maxine Liddle, Sumangi Perera


Copyright Acknowledgements

The e-Ageing modules utilise copyright materials.  Where possible, we have sought permission for reproduction, or acknowledged sources and assistance.  Please contact us with any feedback regarding copyright materials or acknowledgements.

Many people have generously shared their intellectual property to assist development of the e-ageing site.  In particular we would like to acknowledge the University of British Columbia, who kindly shared their Aged Care Studies with us. The e-Ageing Continence module, in particular, drew on material from the UBC Continence Module.



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