Social History

Mrs Wood is a retired, 79 year old widow.  Her husband, Christopher, died from a heart attack 15 months ago.  Mr and Mrs Wood have three daughters, 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren, all of whom live in neighbouring suburbs. 

Until recently, Mrs Wood had been an active member of the community and enjoyed gardening, cooking, playing cards, and knitting. She has remained physically active throughout her life and has only in the last 6 months stopped attending seniors yoga and water aerobics classes at the local community centre.

Mrs Wood’s friends have been growing increasingly concerned that she has stopped attending all social activities and has even stopped inviting people over for afternoon tea, a ritual that she previously enjoyed very much.  They have also noticed that she is unusually tearful.

Her children have also noticed this social withdrawal and note that their mother is reluctant to leave the house to participate in family gatherings, shows little interest in food, is often in poor spirits, tearful and takes no care in her personal appearance.

Family History

Mrs Wood was adopted and knows little about her family history. She is aware that her mother died young, but does not know what caused her death.