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3 months later...

You see Mr and Mrs Scott 3 months later for a routine check up. 

Mrs Scott’s UTI was successfully treated with antibiotics and she has since been taking daily cranberry tablets, with no recurrence of symptoms.  She has also altered her fluid intake and now drinks 8 glasses of water per day and 3 cups of herbal tea. She occasionally has a coffee if out with friends.  She practices the Kegel exercises a couple of times per day and the physiotherapist reports that her pelvic floor has strengthened significantly.  The oestrogen cream appears to have had a positive effect on the perivaginal and periourethral atrophy and she no longer has excoriated skin around the perineum. As a result of these interventions, Mrs Scott’s bladder problems have responded very well to conservative treatment. She sleeps through the night on most occasions and hasn’t fallen in 7 weeks. The physiotherapy exercises have significantly improved her arthritic pain and she is mobilising easier than before but still requires help occasionally.