History of Presenting Complaint

Mrs Alice Cloverdale is an 86 year old woman. Her children are growing increasingly concerned about their mother’s safety and ability to continue living on her own. They have suggested she sell the house to buy a small villa closer to them, but Mrs Cloverdale is adamant that she wants to remain living where she is. She is independent and her worst fear is ending up in a nursing home.

Mrs Cloverdale’s children have requested an assessment. She has not seen her GP for 2 months because she refuses to go to the clinic. When visiting earlier in the week, Ian established that his mother has fallen twice in the last three weeks and has not left the house in the past month.  Mrs Cloverdale’s neighbour, Veronica, also expressed concern when Mrs Cloverdale was reluctant to participate in any of their regular social engagements, except when they were held at her own home. Mrs Cloverdale hasn’t been to bowls for 6 weeks.