Assessment of Living Environment

Sue asks Mr and Mrs Doherty whether they mind if she has a look around their home, particularly the kitchen, bathroom and living area.  They are happy for her to do so.

There is very little food in the refrigerator or cupboards. Some of the foods are out of date.  It appears that the couple may have been living on tinned or packet foods, long life milk, frozen dinners, cheese, white bread and sweet biscuits.  There is no fresh fruit or vegetables. 

It is apparent that the house has not been adequately cleaned for quite some time. The house is untidy and there are streaks on the floor.  There are piles of unwashed clothes in the laundry.  The smell of cat urine is also evident.

Even though the house is in disrepair, it is clear that this is a loving home. The pets are happy and content and Mr and Mrs Doherty appear very supportive of each other.