Clinical Psychologist

Mr Tanner is anxious about on-going functional limitations and about how his friends will react to seeing him. He is embarrassed that he can’t do all the things he used to and is worried people might treat him differently if they see him as an ‘invalid’. He is also concerned about the risk of having another stroke and facing further disability or even death.

I have been using CBT techniques to target Mr Tanner’s anxieties.  He has been encouraged to use a 'thoughts diary' to self-monitor his thinking patterns with the intent of reinforcing and prompting the process of identifying and challenging negative thinking.

Mr Tanner may also benefit from attending a support group to provide him with an opportunity to share his experience, find some mutual support and decrease any social isolation. I have recommended local support groups and will ask the social worker to follow-up with Mr and Mrs Tanner should they wish to pursue this.

He will continue to see me once a fortnight over the next few months to continue his treatment, during which time I will closely monitor his mood and also any increases in anxiety.  No medication is warranted at this stage.