Mr Tannerís shoulder pain is much improved following intra-articular pain relief.  I will continue to see him three times per week for intensive physio aimed at maximising his right arm and hand function for two more weeks now that he is able to tolerate more treatment. I anticipate that Mr T will recover assistive function of his right arm but will be unlikely at this stage to make a full recovery. He is becoming increasingly competent using his left hand for many activities of daily living.

I will then transition him to neurology outpatients to supervise his progress over the next few months. In addition I have referred him to the Community Physiotherapy Service where he will attend a weekly exercise class supervised by a physiotherapist with the aim of increasing his exercise tolerance and confidence mobilising in the community. This group session also has the advantage of providing some social support for Mr T and his wife as the other participants are all stroke survivors and live his area.

Do you know what the likelihood is of recovering full function in the stroke affected arm, if deficits are still present at 3 weeks?

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