Since admission, Mr Tanner has had only one episode of incontinence.  At this time, he was still quite disoriented post-stroke and due to his expressive dysphasia, he was unable to communicate his need to urinate in time for a nurse to help him to the bathroom.  He now seems to be coping fine with toileting, although occasionally needs help there and back and/or getting up off the toilet.

He is ambulating quite well but his gait pattern needs further improvement so we are encouraging him not to walk without a nurse present so that we can ensure he follows the physio’s instructions.  Falls risk due to physical, physiological and neurological factors will need to be regularly monitored in the weeks ahead.

After speaking to Mr and Mrs Tanner I felt that they are keen to work with us to make home based rehab successful. They really are eager to get out of hospital.

In the early stages, Mr Tanners will require help with his ADL’s, such as showering, dressing and eating, as he is experiencing some problems due to his hemiparetic right hand.  This will be provided through a personal carer to assist his wife.