Mr Tanner is having some troubles performing his ADLís due to his hemiparetic hand, particularly dressing and holding cups/cutlery. He gets quite frustrated at this.

Mr Tanner is also having difficulty sleeping due to his shoulder pain, which adds to his frustration.  He has asked for a sleeping tablet.  We are reluctant to offer benzodiazepines, but we are trying to find a more effective pain management for him. I have done a sleep hygiene prescription.  Click here to view. To return to this page after viewing the sleep hygiene prescription, hit the back button on your browser.

Our clinical psychologist sometimes helps us with relaxation techniques if this isnít effective.

Mr and Mrs Tanner and I have met with the personal care assistants to make sure that the care they are providing is not getting Mr Tanner into bad habits by consistently relying on the help of others. Mr Tanner should be encouraged to do what he can for himself, with help offered when required. All assistance should be consistent with the OTís instructions.  In particular we want Mr Tanner to use his shower chair.  I have also made sure that the care assistants understand the showering and dressing care plan and which bits Mr Tanner can do.

I will go through it with the Tanners and care workers again next week after the OT and physio have updated the plan. I think it is a lot for the Tanners to understand so it will be helpful if I can reinforce what the OT and physio say.

Iíve spent a lot of time helping Mrs Tanner think about how Mr Tanner is still himself in many ways. I think she is beginning to think more positively about how Mr Tanner can live successfully with any residual impairments.