Occupational Therapist

An OT is also an important part of the multidisciplinary team.

Click below and I'll explain what we do to facilitate post-stroke rehabilitation...

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I assessed Mr Tanner yesterday. As previously mentioned, he has severe right arm and hand weakness.  He is right-handed so this could pose significant difficulties for him. I asked him to perform a number of simple tasks, such as brushing his teeth, doing up a button, holding a cup of tea and buttering a slice of toast, none of which Mr Tanner was able to perform with his right hand. A major focus of his occupational therapy over the next few weeks will be on assessing the functionality of this hand and aiming to restore normal use as much as possible.  He will go on a home visit with me before discharge so that I can assess his functionality in the home in more detail, but in principle I tend to agree that home based rehab may be a good option for the Tannerís.