Mr Tanner is sleeping better after learning the meditation techniques. His wife bought him a small CD player and he enjoys listening to relaxation music and/or guided meditation CDís when he is feeling uncomfortable.  

His hand troubles persist, but he is able to mobilise well and can now hold a knife adequately but has trouble cutting with it. He still gets quite frustrated at the simple things he canít do, but overall does appear to be coping better with his limitations.

He does, however, seem anxious about how he will cope at completion of rehabilitation, how his friendís will react to his Ďdisabilityí and whether he will ever get normal use of his hand back.

HACC services will continue but I think when rehab is over Mrs Tanner will be able to set Mr Tanner up in the mornings Ė he will be able to do most things for himself.  I donít think ongoing personal care assistance will be needed, although I do feel it is worth the carers continuing for another couple of weeks, to make sure that good habits are reinforced. As discussed with the OT and physio, the carers are mainly providing supervision now.  Actual hands on assistance is very light.