Unfortunately, Mr Tanner has been experiencing worsening pain in his stroke affected shoulder. He has been instructed in ways to support his right arm correctly in sitting and lying and I have provided a GivMohr sling to use while he is mobilising.

I have been using functional, electrical stimulation (FES) movement re-education and soft tissue mobilisation techniques but the pain is persisting.

I have referred him to a doctor for further assessment. Otherwise, he is transferring and mobilising well and we have commenced him on a gentle walking exercise program.

Mr Tanner still fatigues easily with physical activity, but he does seem to be showing improvement in the distance that he is able to ambulate. As his leg strength and general endurance improves, his gait pattern and balance are becoming more normal.  He continues to need supervision with mobility tasks.

If shoulder pain persists, Mr Tanner may benefit from a Multidisciplinary Pain Management Program.