Ever wondered what role the physio plays in the multidisciplinary rehab team...

Now you don't have to!  Click below and I'll explain it for you...

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I visited Mr Tanner this morning. He has dense right arm weakness, but has reasonable balance and good strength and control in his right leg. He is a little unsteady moving about.  He seems to have lost a bit of confidence in his abilities. 

Over the coming weeks we will work on restoring normal movement and functionality to the arm and on increasing his strength and confidence in mobilising. 

I would also like to speak with Mr Tanner in regards to increasing his level of physical activity and will work with him on this during rehab, so that an exercise plan can be prescribed once formal rehabilitation is completed.

I think his progress will be accelerated if we refer him on to RITH (Rehab in the Home) as he is more likely to be active in his home environment.  We will just need to work closely with Mrs Tanner and the carers.  I do not want Mr Tanner reinforcing abnormal movement patterns, so we will need to keep a close eye on him. 

Mrs Tanner seems to understand and accept this, so I think home based rehab may be a good option.