Mrs Doherty was experiencing difficulty eating due to reflux symptoms caused by a stomach ulcer. Her sleeping patterns had also been disturbed, caused at least in part by congestive heart failure. This was complicated by the couples inability to visit the shopping centre regularly to buy fresh food and Mrs Doherty’s inability to prepare healthy meals of account of her tiredness and shortness of breath. As such, they have been living on processed foods of poor nutritional quality, leading to constipation (inadequate fibre and dehydration) and weight loss. The weight loss further exacerbated the problem as Mrs Doherty’s ill-fitting dentures made it more difficult for her to eat.

Mrs Doherty has been counselled about her nutrient intake and the importance of maintaining an appropriate diet on account of her diabetes and heart disease.  With an improved diet, Mrs Doherty’s constipation (due to dehydration and inadequate fibre intake) has resolved.  She is sleeping better and is able to eat reasonably good sized meals  Now that Mrs Doherty is feeling more herself, she feels she would like to start cooking for her and her husband again a few times a week.  They will have pre-prepared meals delivered 5 days per week and she will cook something simple on the other days.