Berg balance Scale

The assessment finds Mrs Doherty’s Berg balance scale is 32/56. She has difficulty transferring, turning, reaching and balancing on one foot. She also had a positive Rhomberg test, with significant irregular sway while standing with eyes closed.

The physiotherapist prescribed specific mobility exercises (including stretches in prone lying) and specific strengthening exercises for the leg extensors, which can be performed as a home program.

It is important that Mrs Doherty maintain these exercises, in order to maintain muscle strength and joint range of movement and to improve her balance.

Gait Assessment

Mrs Doherty has a mildly hemiparetic gait related to her residual right sided weakness. There is impaired timing and intensity of muscle action in the right leg, which affects gait velocity and character. She also has mild upper kyphosis. She had trouble with the timed up and go test due to difficulty transferring and gait impairment. Her time for the assessment was 26.7 seconds.

Given this, Mrs Doherty has significant falls risk.