Continence Pre-module Test

Question One
Which of the following medications is NOT among those that often precipitate urinary incontinence? (1 points)
Cold and flu medications

Question Two
Which of the following is NOT true of transient causes of incontinence? (1 points)
They should be identified and treated as a first step to improving continence status
They often respond to conservative treatment
They often resolve without treatment and so should be addressed only after the primary cause of incontinence is identified
They are factors outside of the urinary tract that cause or worsen incontinence

Question Three
Which of the following would NOT be part of routine investigations for incontinence? (1 points)
Renal tract ultrasound
Urea and electrolytes
Blood pressure

Question Four
If a patient reports experience of full bladder, difficulty initiating urination and weak flow, the most likely type of incontinence is? (1 points)
Urge incontinence
Overflow incontinence
Stress incontinence
Functional incontinence

Question Five
For a man in his late 70's, a normal PVR is? (1 points)