Depression Pre-module Test

Question One
Which of the following features is more consistent with depression than with dementia?
(1 points)
Poor concentration
Poor effort during questioning
Poor self-care
Poor short-term memory

Question Two
Which of the following statements regarding the psychopharmacologic treatment of older adult patients is most accurate? (1 points)
Fewer side effects are reported
Higher doses are used
Lower blood levels are needed
More drug interactions are seen

Question Three
Which of the following is NOT commonly associated with worsening the symptoms of depression? (1 points)
Arthritis medications
Heart medications
Hormone replacement

Question Four
Which of the following is NOT included in the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for depression? (1 points)
Inability to perform ADL's
Excessive guilt

Question Five
Which of the following would NOT commonly be included among initial investigations for depression? (1 points)
Thyroid Function Tests
Vitamin B12
Creatinine Kinase
Liver Function Tests

Question Six
Which of the following is true regarding the Geriatric Depression Scale? (1 points)
A score of eight or more suggests depression
A score of ten or more necessitates anti-depressants
A score of five or more suggests depression
Any score above three necessitates referral to a psychologist

Question Seven
Which of the following features is NOT indicative of depression? (1 points)
Symptoms worse in the morning
Selective memory impairment
Altered psychomotor behaviour
Normal attention span