Speech and Language; Dietetics

The speech pathologist assessed this patient’s speech and ability to swallow along-side the dietician, who assessed his usual dietary pattern.
Mr Thomas’ swallow was intact and his speech is slow and sometimes incoherent. However, this is likely to improve once delirium abates.  The speech pathologist will continue to monitor Mr Thomas during his admission.

The dietitian spoke with Mrs Thomas and confirmed that Mr Thomas’ usual diet is appropriate for his diabetes. They generally eat a very natural, traditional diet with very few processed foods or refined foods.  However, Mr Thomas’ future health risks could be reduced with weight loss and the dietitian will speak to Mr Thomas about how this might be achieved prior to discharge.

A treatment plan is drawn up to include:

    * Daily mouth washes
    * Ensure teeth are brushed after each meal
    * Start patient eating light but high caloric diet (diabetes appropriate)
    * Progress to full meal – solids
    * Encourage drinking – juice and/or water
    * Maintain record of bowel and bladder movements and volume