Blood Sugar Levels

The consultant asks if there is anything else they can help you with regarding Mr Tannerís post-stroke management.  You explain that you have heard that tight blood sugar control can improve outcomes in some stroke patients (by limiting penumbral neuro-toxicity) and you wonder if you should be putting Mr Tanner on an insulin infusion...

Here's what the consultant had to say...

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Taking this on board, you look at Mr Tannerís blood glucose profile since admission, and you note the readings seem to be between 6-12 mmol/L (normal range 3.0-5.4 mmol/L). 

You are happy not to start any new medications that may lead to hypoglycaemia, but you ask Nurse Hathoway to continue monitoring his BSLís.

If they worsen, you may decide to use an oral medication like metformin, as well as reviewing his diet.

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