Dr Zheng is has a loving family to help care for his safety, hygiene and nutrition needs.

He is currently unable to perform the majority of Activities of Daily Living (ADLís) and Independent Activities of Daily Living (IADLís) without some level of help and/or supervision. Specifically, he needs help with planning, daily hygiene and food preparation.  Up until now, the Zheng family has been providing 100% of Dr Zhengís care. A case manager has now been assigned to help establish a CACP and will continue to monitor or changes support services as required.

Mrs Zheng would still like to take charge of Dr Zhengís showering, dressing, feeding and grooming but has agreed to some home help and community respite care arranged through HACC.

Unfortunately, Narembeen does not have a respite care facility, but in-home respite can be arranged for periods of a few hours up to a whole day, when Mrs Zheng feels she needs a break. Fortunately Narembeen is a close knit community.  The case manager will keep a close watch on this to ensure that Mrs Zhengís needs are also attended to and facilitate carer support where required.