The ACAT found Dr Zheng’s living environment to be safe and clean.There are some simple modifications identified that will  make it safer for him. In order to address the issue of night time falling, the Occupational Therapist (OT) recommended the installation of a motion sensored night light, that will come on automatically if Dr Zheng is to rise during the night. In addition, grab rails have been installed in the bathroom and toilet and non-slip mats in all wet areas.  All loose rugs have been removed, carpet edges fixed and electrical cords secured.  An uncluttered furniture layout was suggested to avoid tripping hazards and creating a safe, familiar environment.

Even in severe cases, physical restraints are never recommended as they can contribute to the development of physical health problems.

The team enquired about how Mrs Zheng is coping with being the primary carer for her husband and discussed at length the different carer support options that are available. Respite services were also discussed. The Zheng family are aware that they can access support services and respite care for Dr Zheng through Carer Respite Services, HACC or ACAT.