Support - Memory Centre

Dr Zheng has also been encouraged to develop a memory centre that will include all the items he needs to organise his life and support his memory. Items that might be included in the memory centre include:

-          a clock that also shows the date

-          a notepad and pen for phone messages

-          a monthly wall calendar

-          a diary or appointment book

-          a bowl in which to place keys, wallet, glasses and other important items

He might also employ the use of external memory aids such as using lists, sticky notes or alarms used as reminders (eg. to take medication, to turn on the TV to watch the news etc).

His family are encouraged to help establish a regular routine. In addition, getting rid of clutter around the house and always putting important items and documents in the same place can facilitate an easier living situation for the person with dementia. While orienting information (ie. reminders of the date and place) can help people with Alzheimer's Disease on a day to day basis, it has no lasting effect on memory.