History of Presenting Complaint

Henry Zheng is a 75 year old retired dentist from China, who was diagnosed with Alzheimerís Disease 6 years ago.  At the time of diagnosis, his main problems were memory loss, aphasia and some decline in executive functioning.

Recently he has become more forgetful, confused, agitated and has had angry outbursts.  On a few occasions, he has gone wandering and been unable to find his way home. Once this happened during the night when he went out in his pyjamaís.  He now often forgets family membersí names and is having difficulties with several activities of daily living.  He has also started speaking less and less English and has reverted to his language of birth. He becomes very frustrated when Australian friends donít understand his Cantonese.

He has been having hallucinations, but last week he experienced an episode that frightened not only himself, but his family also. This prompted them to bring him in for review. They would like to know more about how they can help him.