Home Assessment

A home assessment is performed and recommendations are made for grab bars in the bathroom and toilet frame.  The OT is also concerned about the stairs in Mrs Cloverdale’s home and suggests moving the bedroom to one of the ground floor rooms. However, she will still have to negotiate the steps of her front porch and a small number of stairs that lead in to the lounge room from the family room. Grab rails were therefore put in at the front stairs and those areas inside the house that were considered a falls risk.  Non-slip treads were also attached to the end of each step, both indoors and out. The OT was otherwise satisfied with the surface coverings of the stairs.


There were a couple of mats that were considered tripping hazards and it was recommended that these be removed or taped down.  Non-slip surfaces were laid in the toilet, bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas.

The lamp shades in Mrs Cloverdale’s living areas make the indoor lighting quite dim. In order to improve the visibility within the house, it was recommended that they be replaced with more open shades with 75 watt globes. They were also advised to install an outdoor light that turns on automatically so that the stairs and paths are well lit when Mrs Cloverdale returns home in the evenings.  She already has a bedside lamp that she can easily switch on if she needs to get up during the night.


The family are given information about personal alarms that Mrs Cloverdale can keep on her at all times. This way, she can raise the alert if she ever has a fall and is unable to reach a telephone to call for help. The alarm can also be used for any other medical or personal emergency and helps provide peace of mind. They agree to arrange the personal alarm as soon as possible.